Thank you for using CLIP STUDIO PROFILE ("PROFILE service") from CELSYS, Inc. (hereinafter "CELSYS"). Usage of the PROFILE service is subject to the CLIP STUDIO PROFILE Terms of Service (hereinafter "PROFILE TOS").
Users of the PROFILE service shall be considered to have agreed to the CELSYS Terms of Service (
Use of the PROFILE Service
  • Please refer to the Posting and Behavioral Guidelines ( before setting text and images on your profile or sending direct messages.
  • Use of the PROFILE service shall commence when the user creates a CLIP STUDIO account.
  • Activities cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Change your privacy settings if you do not want your activities to be seen by persons other than your followers.
  • Users should regularly log in to the PROFILE service to check their direct messages, notifications and follow requests. CELSYS does not guarantee a reply to direct messages.
  • If you do not want notifications to be sent to the email address used for your CLIP STUDIO account, change your email notification settings.
Prohibited Actions
  • Behavior described as prohibited actions in CELSYS's Terms of Service and policies.
  • Disposal of all or part of the contracted rights, obligations and services outlined in the PROFILE TOS by transfer, succession, provision as collateral, etc. to a third party.
Guarantees and Disclaimers
  • CELSYS may create official accounts on PROFILE for operational purposes. CELSYS shall generally not respond to any follow requests, questions, etc. that are sent to such accounts.
  • CELSYS shall accept no responsibility for, nor involve itself in any way with, any posts or behavior by users on the PROFILE service.
  • If CELSYS receives a report about an issue with a user profile or direct messages, CELSYS shall investigate the matter according to our guidelines about posting and behavior.
  • CELSYS may carry out actions and responses at its own discretion when deemed necessary for the running of the PROFILE service. CELSYS shall not be required to provide a reason under any circumstances.
Original Version: 2017/5/18
Last modified:2020/3/26