• Able to display your profile information.
  • Able to follow other user you care about and check activity information.
    > (SAMPLE)CELSYS official account
  • Able to check information on various services.

So what should we do first?

View Profile

In services such as ASSETS, ASK, TIPS, if you find a user you care about, take a look at that user's profile.
Also, enrich your profile and appeal to those who are interested in you.

Let's follow

If you find a user you like, try following them. Following them will allow you to check their activities. Activities are activity records such as posts and reactions (Likes!, Comments etc.). These can be checked on your timeline.

If you and the user are Following each other, you can exchange Direct Messages.

  • Able to send Direct Messages to user who posted material from detail page on ASSETS. In this case, you don't need to Following that user.

About Menu


When you access the service, this page is displayed first. Activities of you and the user you are following are displayed in the timeline.


Various notifications will arrive.

Direct Messages

Able to exchange messages privately with users who are in a mutual follow state.

  • Able to send Direct Messages to user who posted material from detail page on ASSETS. In this case, you don't need to Following that user.

Your action history will be displayed.

Edit your profile

Able to set / edit self-introduction, Cover image, links such as external SNS accounts and HP.


Email notice: Some notifications able to also be received via email.
Block: Able to limit the relationship with a specific user.

  • If you block, you'll be unable to follow each other, and unable to view profile each other. Furthermore you'll be unable to send Direct Messages.
  • If you block, Following, Follower, Follow request will be released or canceled at block execution.

Privacy Setting: Restrict public information. For details, please refer "Privacy Setting".

Notification mark(Green or red mark)

When there is an unread notification or a Direct Message, we will inform you by displaying a mark to the profile image on the header right. It's displayed even when using other services such as ASSETS.
When important notification are included, they are displayed in red.

About Activities

Actions that appear on the timeline as Activities are as follows.

Service Action
ASSETS Material posting
ASK Question / Answer posting
ASSETS "Like!" to material
ASK "Like!" to Question / Answer
TIPS "Liked!" a TIPS
TIPS Commented on a TIPS
ASSETS Posted material entered the rankings (Weekly / Monthly)
  • Ranking is classified as "reaction". It is displayed once a week for Weekly and once a month for Monthly.

About Notifications

The events to be notified are as follows.

Service Event Important / Constant
ASSETS The material you obtained was updated by poster. Important
ASSETS There was a problem with the material you uploaded. Important
ASSETS The uploading of materials has been suspended. Important
TIPS A TIPS you posted was deleted by administrator Important
SHARE Your story has been deleted by the administrator. Important
ASK Someone answered to your question. Important
ASK Your question came 1 day before the deadline. However, only if the question has already been answered. Important
ASK The question / answer you posted was deleted by administrator. Important
ASK The question you answered has been resolved. Important
ASK Your answer was selected as BestAnswer. Important
ASK An additional answer was posted to the question you answered.
ASK An additional answer was posted to the question you listed Favorites.
ASK The question you listed Favorites has been resolved.
TIPS A comment was left on a TIPS you posted
SHARE Someone left a comment on your story
PROFILE Followed by someone, or received a Follow Request.
PROFILE Your Follow Request was accepted.
ASSETS Your posted material has received a "Like". Constant
ASSETS Your posted material has been acquired. Constant
ASK Someone clicked "Like!" to your question / answer. Constant
TIPS A "Like!" was left on a TIPS you posted. Constant
SHARE Someone liked your story Constant
  • "Constant" step is 1 to 9 = every time, 10 to 90 = every 10 times, 100 to 900 = every 100 times, 1,000 to 9,000 = 1,000 times, every 10,000 times thereafter.

Please take in consideration when making a post.

Details can be found in “Post and Behavior Guidelines (English).” A summary can be found here. Be careful when uploading text or images.

  • Do not post content that you do not have the intellectual property rights (copyrights) to.
  • With this service, any posted content belongs to the user who made the post.
  • Posts must not be in violation of any laws.
  • Do not post content containing child pornography or abuse, and sexual content.
  • Do not post content which promotes discrimination or ideologies (Religious, Political, Race, Occupation, Sex).
  • Do not post content that may be offensive to others.
  • Do not post content that is not related to the service.
  • Content deletion function is not provided in any service that consist of content which is compiled by multiple users. Due to copyright is shared by multiple users in that type of content. And even if the posting user requests deletion to Celsys, that decision is left to Celsys.
  • By posting to this service, you consent to the usage of your post within CELSYS. Posts may be altered, edited or translated.
  • Users are requested to take responsibility for the content they post. We will sincerely correspond to precise requests from users.
  • This service provides a report feature. If this feature is used the user of the post will be contacted by CELSYS. Please follow any directions given by CELSYS which corresponds to the post.
  • Even if it is not directly stated in the rules, policies or guidelines, please refrain from participating in problematic behavior or problematic posts. Please act in a respectful and rational manner.