What is Clip Studio PROFILE?

Clip Studio PROFILE is a tool that supports communication between creators that use Clip Studio.

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Profile Screen

The profile screen is very customizable. You can choose a cover image, create a self-introduction and so much more, making your profile truly one of a kind. Since you can link your other social media accounts, you can display your activities outside of Clip Studio.

Follow (Timeline)

"I want to know when this user makes a new post” “I want know when this user’s materials get published on ASSESTS.” Stay up to date by pressing the “Follow” button. If you like a user’s post, press the “Like” button. Make new friendships and stay connected.


You can view responses to your activities done through Clip Studio. On ASK, your post got a like! Your materials on ASSETS got a like! Plenty of joyful responses await you! A list of notifications can be found here.

Direct Message

When there is mutual following, users can send each other direct messages. With direct messages, you can have in-depth discussions about your favorite materials and exchange friendly critiques with fellow creators.

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More information about Clip Studio PROFILE's features can be found here.